Additional Information about Engineering for Home Plans

Some areas in the U.S. do not require an engineer’s stamp on home plans, but only have a list of code requirements which have to be met. Plans from Draw Works can be customized to meet these areas and may not need any special engineering.

Some of our homes are large and complicated and need engineering for structural beam and footing sizes that match the local conditions. Most of our plans have already been engineered for the specific lot where the home was originally built but all engineering will have to be re-done for your location for many reasons including license and copyright reasons as well as to make sure that the home meets the specific requirements for your lot and geographic factors. There are also technical soils, wind or seismic conditions that need to be designed around.

Draw Works does not provide engineering for you but we can arrange for that and facilitate getting that done for our homes. We also do not provide an architectural stamp. An architect is not required on homes under 12,000 sq ft or on 4-plexes or less. If you have a need of a licensed architect, then we can also facilitate that although it is rarely necessary and we do not provide that.