Frequently Asked Questions

How many sets of blue prints do I need?
That will depend on how you use them. Usually 5 or 6 sets are sufficient. Having more sets allows you to get more bids in a shorter period of time. Often times your local jurisdiction will ask for two sets, one to keep in their office and one for you to keep on the job site for inspections. The rest are for your use for bidding and on site construction. Some jurisdictions are now also requiring a CD with the plans on them in either DXF (AutoCad) format, TIFF or PDF (Adobe Acrobat Format). You can obtain a CD of my plans in PDF format if you are buying a full set also. The CD is not available for purchase by itself. We do NOT include free copies of blueprints with our services. Blueprints cost $2.00/pg whether you get them through us or whether you get your own copies made somewhere else.
Can I see more detail about a home plan without buying the whole plan?
Yes. You can purchase a Design Proof Set that is in PDF (Adobe Acrobat Format) that we can send you by email. You can then print it on whatever size paper you have available. These sets include floor plans that are fully dimensioned and include all exterior elevations and an electrical plan. These plans are water marked with "Design Proof Set Only" and "Not For Construction". They are for the purpose of really deciding if this plan is right for you. They give you all you need to figure out if you want any changes to the plan and to get preliminary bids if you are tight on a budget and don't know if you can afford that home. That way, you don't have to risk investing in plans that don't fit your budget. If you purchase the "Design Proof Set" and then you decide to go ahead and purchase the plan, we will rebate the portion of what you spent towards your purchase. If you decide not to buy the plan there is no refund for the "Design Proof Set".
Can I buy a reproducible set?
No. We don't offer reproducible sets. You are only given permission to build the home one time from these plans. You can buy as many sets of blueprints as you need to do that. Therefore, no reproducible plans are offered.
Can I build the home again on another lot?
No. Unless you purchase the right to build it again. A discounted rate is available if you will be building the home several times. Call for pricing.
Will these plans be accepted as they are by my local building officials?
That depends. Some localities will accept them with no problem. Others will not accept them without a review and stamp by a local engineer. In some cases the home may have to be redesigned to meet your local building methods and practices or local code compliance issues. We strongly recommend that you have these plans reviewed before construction by a local building expert, if you are not building in Southern Utah, to assure that everything meets your local needs. Draw Works Quality Home Design Inc and assumes no liability for changes made to the plans in the field or by others. It is your responsibility to ensure that your new home is built in compliance with all local building codes, regulations and requirements.
Do you offer a cost breakdown with your plans?
At this time, No. It is something that we may offer at some point in the future if there is a big enough demand for it. If your budget is tight we recommend that you purchase a "Design Proof Set" to take to a builder and get a preliminary bid from that before purchasing the full set.
What do your plans include?
A Cover Sheet with an Index of the plans, General Notes, Code Review Notes, and a Front Elevation of the home. A fully detailed Footing and Foundation Plan, Typical Wall Sections, specific details and sections as necessary, fully detailed Floor Plans, Floor and Roof Framing (Truss) Plans, Stair Sections (if applicable), all Exterior Elevations, Electrical Plans and Building Cross Sections as necessary. I can include engineering for an extra cost. Call for current pricing on engineering.
What do your plans not include that I will need?
A Site Plan and Engineering. A Site Plan shows how the house will be placed on your lot. We can draw it for you or it can be drawn by your contractor or you if that is allowed by your local jurisdiction. If you would like us to draw it for you, we charge a minimum of $50.00. Your local building officials may also require structural engineering. Many of my plans have already been engineered and a re-use of that engineering may be purchased from the engineer who did the original engineering. If it hasn't been engineered yet, we can arrange it for you or you may hire your own.
Do you offer refunds or exchanges?
No. Because the plans are copyrighted and can be illegally copied or reproduced, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges. If you have any questions about a plan you should call or email us and have all your questions answered before purchasing the plan. If you need to look into it further, you may want to consider purchasing a "Design Proof Set" for $75.00 referred to in question #2. That way, you don't have the risk of buying the full set and then not being able to use it.