I firmly believe that form follows function. A floor plan should come first when choosing the home that’s right for you. It must meet your domestic needs and must also fit your building lot and take advantage of the views and geological and environmental conditions.

The home you choose can look a variety or ways on the outside and can differ greatly in style and feel. A single floor plan may work with several different outside shapes and styles. Each home can be altered dramatically to make the home either more simple and affordable or to make it much more rich and extravagant. All of my plans can be altered to reflect your tastes and to match the neighborhood you want to live in. You can also customize the footing and foundation types, the exterior finishes, and all the plans can also be mirrored.

The image below shows how a single floor plan can look at least three different ways on the outside just by altering the height of the walls and changing the type of roof and exterior finishes. With this in mind, look for the floor plan that fits your needs and we can probably make the outside look however you want.

Custom Floor Plans Utah

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