Widow’s Walk and Home Balconies

Widow’s Walk and Home Balcony Plans for Utah, Arizona and other U.S. Locations

Take advantage of your home lot’s views with floor plans for a widow’s walk, rooftop observation platform or balcony. Contact Draw Works for floor plan drafting and design services to create custom home plans with a widow’s walk, or to add one onto our current stock plans.

Typically a popular style for New England, Southern and coastal vacation homes, widow’s walks offer you a great vantage point and 360° view of the surrounding landscape no matter where your lot resides. Relax and enjoy the view, or make the space into a reading nook or small office with an enclosed widow’s walk. Let Draw Works design the perfect space or balcony for you to enjoy the view night after night.

Call our designers at Draw Works today about creating blueprints for a widow’s walk or balconies, features that are quickly becoming some of our most popular! We serve the entire U.S. in providing custom design floor plans that include all the features you want at an affordable price.